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Although arthritis can occur in any joint in the hand, one of the most common locations is the thumb. If you feel pain at the base of the thumb, experience weakness when using the thumb to pick up or grasp something, or have difficulty performing everyday activities like writing or turning a door knob, you may have thumb arthritis.

Thumb arthritis is a degenerative condition that can worsen over time, and cause the loss of cartilage. This can result in bone-on-bone contact at the wrist and base of the thumb, and may cause a great deal of pain.

Diagnosis of Finger and Thumb Arthritis

If you think you are suffering from finger or thumb arthritis, make an appointment to see Dr. Lies so he can perform a thorough clinical examination to determine the extent of your condition.

Treatment of Finger and Thumb Arthritis

Options Dr. Lies will discuss with you regarding treatment for your finger and thumb arthritis includes:

  • Splinting: Used for new and mild cases

  • Steroid injection: Steroid injection can reduce inflammation in targeted area and provide pain relief of variable duration.

  • Surgery:  If the pain worsens over time or fails to improve after injection, Dr. Lies can surgically remove the damaged bone spurs and provide a better structure to support the thumb. This provides a new cushion for your thumb to rotate more comfortably. Newer techniques are less invasive than previous surgical options, allowing for an easier recovery and faster return to everyday activities.

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