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Dr. Shelby R. Lies’ unique approach to aesthetic medicine makes him a highly sought-after plastic surgeon in greater Dallas. Each patient is a complete individual to Dr. Lies, and he believes they are deserving of care that complements the entire body. Whether the patient has concerns about the effects of natural aging, wants to repair damage from the elements, or has experienced some type of facial scar, Dr. Lies works to create an experience that leaves the patient feeling his or her very best.

Non-Surgical Options

Dr. Lies takes a hands-on approach with every patient and always searches for the least invasive, most efficient solution to treat the patient’s problem. Potential solutions may include Botox or Juvederm fillers. If you’re not sure which option would suit you best, we will explore the possibilities together during your initial consultation.

Botox: Wrinkle reduction, migraine headache treatment, and treatment for excessive sweating.

Fillers: Juvederm fillers for wrinkle reduction and lip volume augmentation.

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