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Cubital Tunnel

The elbow is responsible for proper functioning of the entire arm. When the elbow has been injured or damaged due to arthritis, disease, sports injuries or repetitive motions, it can make it difficult for the patient to control the hands and perform the simplest of normal activities. Cubital Tunnel Syndrome is caused by compression of the ulnar nerve at the elbow, resulting in hand and finger numbness. Dr. Lies may recommend nerve decompression or elbow surgery to reopen the tunnel, remove pressure, and alleviate pain the patient may be experiencing.

Dr. Lies’ Approach to Repairing Cubital Tunnel Syndrome

Dr. Shelby Lies is fellowship-trained in plastic surgery and hand surgery. He has advanced knowledge of hand, finger, wrist, and elbow plastic surgery, and utilizes the most advanced treatment techniques available today. A consultation and physical examination can help point a way to the best approach to dealing with your specific Cubital Tunnel Syndrome injury.

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